Thursday, March 11, 2010

What makes it a comic? Is it the lettering? Is it a comic at all? I'm not sure.I'm happy to take part in this experiment.
I apologize for my broken English.

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  1. great questions!

    sometimes the factor which makes a work a comics is a way of presenting it. sometimes the way people see it. sometimes it's the characteristic elements, which give us a hint that something is a comics. it's both definition and intuition.

    we have two frames here, one shows an enlarged piece of the second one. we have characters and speech balloons, and something like a "passage of time" - so first there is the first panel and then the second one :)

    this work made me think about the ways of presenting comics in space. if we take a comic strip, for example consisting of four panels, and put each panel in a different place - this would be interesting! just like here, where the panels are divided by the text written on the blog.