Wednesday, March 3, 2010


For beginning, few samples, what I’m looking for in comics.
Point of connection between “experimental” and “traditional” graphic narration:
-one and half (“jump to the water”)

-and two pages (“sex with goddess Kali”)in one panel

from my graphic novel "Bajabongo"

-and “falling” from “N.E.S.T.”


  1. Yes, I agree with pszren. Your ink-work is impressive. I like the line work ones, but I am especially moved by the "sex with the goddess Kali" one. (I'm trying to point to the range you show between obvious sketch work and the the thicker areas of black and white in the Kali piece.)

    And yes, I agree that there is much to explore experimentally in "traditional" graphic narration.

  2. These are awsome! I like most the last one with the eye.

    I like the narrative aspect very much.