Thursday, March 18, 2010

CrazyPatch Comics

"Crazy patchwork is a technique where random shaped pieces are stitched to a foundation fabric. The piecing can be left unembellished or you can add a little or a lot of embellishment - there is an endless variety of ways in which embroidery, ribbon, lace, braids, buttons, beads and charms can be manipulated to add dimension and beauty to your crazy patchwork."

I thought that this technique could be used also in comics....

These are made with computer for the help of I often do my works in that program, because then I can use photographs or scaned materials.... and cut and connect things together....

the Handkerchiefs 1

the Handkerchiefs 2

a Terrorist


  1. Satu, this idea is so nice, and these comics are so great! you are the best!