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more about the cover - animated gifs

Please take look at the animated gifs by Edward Kulemin:

So we can see the expanded version of the cover art for "comics as music notation" anthology!

comics as music notation

Comics as Music Notation

So the mini-anthology is ready, please take a look!

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natural comics by Mazol

Some call these found comics, I call them concrete comics, and Mazol calls them natural comics.

Please take a look here:

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(... or musical notation as comics?)

Title: “Chomsky Vs. Foucault”
Medium: Graphic score, 8.5” by 11” ink on paper. 2007.
Composer: Daniel Schnee
Nationality: Canadian


This work is a graphic score: a musical composition utilizing non-standard notation: an original combination text, symbols, and numbers. The score represents four distinct territories or systems, each of which can be played or excluded at will. The performer is to read each territory as a set of possible directions inspiring free improvisation in the moment of emotional response, like a sort of musical Rorschach test. One can also assign dynamic or musical values to each segment of each territory and thus read it more like a traditional score, e.g. the name of the composer Tallis equals the note G. One could also interpret the names listed in the lower left hand corner as indications of what kinds of ideas and sounds can be brought in from other sources, i.e. Takemitsu suggests quoting material/themes from Toru Takemitsu’s work November Steps.

The title and imagery of the work is a cartoonish depiction of the 1971 Dutch television debate between linguist Noam Chomsky and philosopher Michel Foucault on the subject of human nature. Each bark at the other, and while they do not come to an agreement, they unwittingly display human nature in the form of argumentation.


Dr. Daniel Schnee is an ethnomusicologist and saxophonist who has performed worldwide with over twenty different Juno and Grammy™ Award winning musicians. He has also been internationally recognized as a graphic score composer, and is a former student of both Pulitzer Prize-winning saxophonist Ornette Coleman, and legendary Japanese GUTAI artist Shozo Shimamoto.


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comics as music notation

allow me to invite you to an anthology, where music is written in the form of (experimental) comics.

comics can be read or watched, but it can also be played. we can also create comics that are especially meant to be played (on various musical instruments). sometimes the words in speech balloons can be sung, the onomatopoeias (sound effects) also give us great opportunities. well, it's obvious that composers often use graphic notation to write music - it would be great to see works where comics are used this way in our anthology.

a quick search of similar works:

edit (some more links):

you are the composer/experimental comic artist, feel free to create your own ways.

the anthology will be a pdf file that you can print. a copy will also be sent to the National Library in Warsaw, Poland.

A4 format, vertical.

deadline: till the end of December 2015.

each author can send as many pages as he or she wishes. please sign each piece - there will be no "Contents" page.

please send the comics (graphic files: gif, png or jpg - not pdf) to as attachments.

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sound comic strips

I've created a record with my voice. I mean it's with my reading (or singing, whistling and so on) of the comic strips. The comics are used as music notation. The comic strips are here:

Dźwiękowe paski komiksowe by pszren

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Please take a look at a project ComicsRage:

it is a page where the buyer tells how much to pay for a comics. interesting, isn't it?

also please notice, that BAJABONGO by Marek Turek - a co-author of this blog is also available there!

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Mega Dots by pszren

just a minimalistic (in a way) encrypted graphic epic.

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Center for Book Arts: 2013 Auction Spotlight: Rosaire Appel

Center for Book Arts: 2013 Auction Spotlight: Rosaire Appel: Like graphic novels and cutting edge visual design? Then we have the piece for you! Rosaire Appel is an exciting New York artist whose ...

famagusta - a graphic epic

let me present the whole epic. 240 pages, 954 pictures. a story about a conflict on a beautiful island of Cyprus. but remember, the story is not given just like that. it's encoded. find the graphic epic, create it!

Famagusta by pszren

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At last

Published by Kultura Gniewu 80 pages b/w, time to start next project, best turucorp

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