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Please take a look at a project ComicsRage:

it is a page where the buyer tells how much to pay for a comics. interesting, isn't it?

also please notice, that BAJABONGO by Marek Turek - a co-author of this blog is also available there!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Mega Dots by pszren

just a minimalistic (in a way) encrypted graphic epic.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Center for Book Arts: 2013 Auction Spotlight: Rosaire Appel

Center for Book Arts: 2013 Auction Spotlight: Rosaire Appel: Like graphic novels and cutting edge visual design? Then we have the piece for you! Rosaire Appel is an exciting New York artist whose ...

famagusta - a graphic epic

let me present the whole epic. 240 pages, 954 pictures. a story about a conflict on a beautiful island of Cyprus. but remember, the story is not given just like that. it's encoded. find the graphic epic, create it!

Famagusta by pszren

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At last

Published by Kultura Gniewu 80 pages b/w, time to start next project, best turucorp

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Album is almost ready (and accepted by my publisher), I'm working yet on text and final version of cover.

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