Friday, February 26, 2010

Telomateo is here!

welcome to the blog, Telomateo! I hope we will create something interesting here, your works could really help!

by the way, I thought about whether we could first just have a little bit of a brain storm, and then think about some projects, concerning for example collage comics or other forms. perhaps this way it would lead somewhere, towards individual albums, exhibitions, anthologies as well as theoretical texts.


  1. As always, I like where you are going with this, pszren.

    Here are two thoughts/possibilities I'd like to throw into the pot:

    1) I am interested in both collaboration and appropriation. The circulation of digital images on the internet along with increasingly available and user-friendly digital image manipulation software creates what some call a new literacy or even a new visual language. What would it be like to create an experimental comic together following loosely the protocol of the Dadaist game, "The Exquisite Corpse"? That is, not so much coordinating the collaborative effort, but taking each others work and extending/modifying it and re-posting so that it can be further extended/modified? The result could be an interesting series (linear or more likely rhizomatic) of related pieces that, taken as a whole, produce a very experimental comic.

    2) I am interested in works here that "take on" the surrounding elements of web presence. That is, art that doesn't just happen to be situated on a blog but incorporates that framing material as part of its aesthetic. I only have baby step ideas for what this could look like. One possibility involves digital collage of screen captures. The other involves a "strip" that is broken up across multiple sites and requires following links from site to site to see it as a whole. Moreover, each individual linked element is at least appropriate to the site where it is situated and may reference that surrounding frame directly.

  2. this is so good!

    ad 1) I guess we need some more people, but the Dadaist game would really be something.

    ad 2) wow, it's a great idea. html comics and more! some time ago I did strefa emotikonek - and to some extent even google translator works with this! :)