Tuesday, February 2, 2010

microcomics - the ant

this is a comics "mrówka" (the ant). well, it's not meant for the ants to be its readers, but an ant is an important character of the story :). I've sent the microcomics as a gadget to some people, together with a "bigger" comics. one guy even kneed down after seeing it (well, he searched for it on the floor, but anyway).

some time ago, when I worked with a microscope, I observed some patterns in magnified images of leaves and onions that really could be seen as comics. I don't mean just to copy those patterns, but to realize, that can read microscopic comics.

please also take a look here:
about microscopic comics at page four


  1. Amazing! I appreciate the image, but I definitely think the full effect of this one is in holding (or trying to hold) the object.