Monday, February 1, 2010

the string theory

infinity, freedom of speech
a comic strip abouth Stitch

I would like to publish here both older and new works. I've made some comic strips with empty frames, there is more of these here:
there were four copies of the album, I've left two of these in a library, sent one to another library, and kept one for myself :)


  1. I like the progression of these open frame/panel works. It seems like you've made these with the idea of a computer scroll-bar as the preferred means for viewing them. I like moving up and down the "stack of images." I wonder if there is a way to somehow loop the images so that the scroll never "ends." That would seem to fit with the theme and that first wonderful image of infinity. (It reminds me of that kid's game of one-upsmanship of calling "infinity plus one!" -- I think you've just invented a symbol for that impossible concept.)

  2. wow, I've done some "never ending comics", and the idea means a lot to me. (I remember that you've done circle poemic strips, so they also somehow never end - and the first reading is probably different from for example twenty fifth).

    I will try to post the "never ending comics" - (I have a different name for some of them) right when I find the image on my computer. I might also make new ones, probably it will be easier :)