Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gościnne Strony - Guest Pages


I would like to invite everyone to the project "Guest Pages".

Please send one page of comics and a text to before the end of December 2011.

the comics should be inspired by/somehow similar to/developing the ideas of the "tandian" series. so it can be minimalistic with dots and frames only, but it can be totally different. please surprise the reader, break the rules. the comics should not be published before.

the text (comment, story, your views, explanation, whatever you want) should be signed (I mean please let me know if you want your name or nickname under it). the texts will be translated into Polish and published in Polish only (but I can put the English version on the net if you want).

the gathered pieces will be published in an anthology as a pdf file. a printed version will be sent to the National Library in Warsaw, Poland. and anyone interested will be able to print a copy as well.

It would be great to gather many interesting pieces of experimental comics and interesting comments from various authors. please take part in the project and also please invite anyone who could be interested.

all the best


(as I'm somehow not able to comment on blogspot - I really don't know why, cookies perhaps? - I will give answers to any questions in this post, ok? or by email).

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