Thursday, August 25, 2011

just a littlie animated piece from tundiun - for rappel

rappel, thank you for your kind words!

this is for you:
(well, I guess it's too slow, and perhaps there should be more frames... but I just want to show you that I'm trying :) ).

and thank you very much for looking at the work. I'm planning to ask people to send me guest pages, but first I wanted to create the fourth piece (dan).

anyway, I made a page for the project:

(it's in Polish, so here is the google translation):

I'll post an official invitation in September.

1 comment:

  1. !!! all it needs now is a black border to define the edge. what I like is how the dots remain constant and the rest moves. it's not too slow, to my eye, and short is good!
    I look forward to this new venture of yours. the google translation is funny ! but it does the job.