Friday, July 30, 2010

about the concrete comics anthology

what are concrete comics? well, perhaps comics that can be found around us, in the living world, something that is not a comic but looks like one. or perhaps these would be pictures of comics that appear somewhere (well, this would go more into metacomics perhaps :) ). I think the definition of concrete comics would be analogical to what can define conrete music or concrete poetry. or perhaps we should and can simply feel it, and let the theory be based on our works?

let's look at Wikipedia,
perhaps here:
not here, even though it also can be interesting:

there are some concrete/found comics on our blog already, perhaps we should think about the details of the anthology. so this is what I suggest:

I would plan the anthology as a booklet A5 format, landscape oriented, black and white. it will have an ISBN. this is not a commercial project, it will be sent to the authors and some libraries (and perhaps to some other people or institutions that should have it), it will also be presented in the net in .pdf format.

so if you would like to participate, please email your work(s) to pszren(at)wp(dot)pl before October 15th. and please send me your mailing address, so that I can send you a copy of the anthology. (I don't keep the addresses from previous projects, so please don't get angry, just type the address again :) ). is that all right?

I'm leaving tomorrow for a week (karate course), but if you have any suggestions, please write them here, we can discuss it. I hope the project sounds interesting, and that a nice mini-anthology will appear :)

all the best to you,



  1. this sounds like fun. what pixel dimensions would you like since it will be printed?

  2. I never thought about this pixel thing. perhaps a normal photo proportions would be fine? it can be big or small, if it's bigger, it may get printed better (although i'm not an expert, please don't expect too much :) ). thank you for the question!

  3. 300 dpi (dots per inch) is the standard low end for printing projects.

    Very cool. Must think concretely now.