Tuesday, June 1, 2010

record of last moments

This work is about memories, death, reflections, but even about new life (implicitly), generally about life and its meaning. I also tried to experiment with form. This is the effect.


  1. I like this work very much.
    And in this moment this comes very close to me because I have had to said good bye to somebody, to a friend who I care very much about, and it's kind of the same situation as a death...the sadness about this matter is very much as the sadness when somebody really dies and You can't never ever see this person or be in contact to this person...

    This is awakening many thoughts about life, and also about how sometimes something must die so that something else could live or awake, or that the life could even continue...

    So thank You to You that You shared this with us.

    I also like very much how this is drawn.

  2. I really wondered who made this piece. telomateo - I'm impressed. it's deep.