Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Publication Venue

I went searching for a potential venue for "Vacation on the Moon" and found this publication:  Palooka.  They accept "graphic stories" submissions and are eager to publish "underdog" artists -- that is, folks who may not yet be widely published.  They are a new literary journal in the US, accepting a variety of creative work.  They charge a nominal fee to review prose and poetry, but so far it is free to submit graphic stories and comics.

I didn't find too many publications or even on-line sites accepting comics submissions (I sort of already knew that!).  The norm seems to be self-publishing, which I think is totally cool.  I also recognize a real need for anthology zines and journals.  Not ready to step up to the plate yet to spearhead one of those, but it is definitely something worth considering for the future.



  1. Jonny, our future depends on you! the Palooka has positive energy, at least I feel it :).

    but it's great to read your post. we must have some kind of a vision, and publications seem to be quite important in creating something that builds monuments that are remembered.

    what do you think we should do in next few months? will you submit something to Palooka? and if yes, can you tell us all how it went? all the best to you!

  2. Actually, I submitted the "Vacation on the Moon" piece in its 12-page entirety to Palooka and they have already eagerly accepted it. It will appear in their second issue, later this year. I am very excited!

    I think this is a pretty exciting venue. It's a new literary journal probably hungry for submissions. Their comics editor is interested in non-traditional graphic story-telling, and seems quite open to experimental and poemic work. So, as they look for work by "underdogs" and work unlike what is readily available elsewhere, I think they provide a particularly fecund venue for the sort of work many of us do.

    I'm pretty psyched!

  3. wow, that's great!

    thanks to you I've contacted them about a piece "demokratus" (my story, drawings by Otusiunio - who observes our blog), but I have to translate it first into English before submitting :)