Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where are you people?

Am I the only member of this experimental society? Where are your masterpieces? Hello?


  1. wow, thank you for the question!

    I had a small speech about comics and poemics during a festival. I showed the "poemic strip anthology", and the viewers liked it. I also told them about the two blogs (poemicstrip and experimentalcomics). but I didn't have any "big" project to present as an example of what we do. perhaps we should think about future steps of creating some anthologies or something?

    for example we could make an anthology of handmade comics (this would include collage, even sculpture, and lots of other things). perhaps we would need some time, for example till the end of September, and then the anthology could be put together.

    would you coordinate such a project, blaumann? would you gather the works? I mean if you like the whole idea :). if the result is placed on scribd, it could be both cheep and visible.

  2. Hello, pszren, I am a 57year old grandmother with absolutely no computer skills. the only thing I am able to do is take and upload photographs. Even photoshop is beyond my horizon ... scribd - I watch it with admiration, but I fail using it ... so: I think this would not work with me as a coordinator, even if I love the idea .. :o)

  3. ok, but you gave us all a signal, and that's also a lot!