Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dog and human

This work was created in February 2009, inspired by the music Both are my favourites private.
Frames 1, 2, 3 - empty, silent, cold room, there is no food and dog wants to go for a walk.
4 - Postman! He always knocking once. He probably have a lot of duties.
5 - Nobody visit us.
6 - My master sleep for 9 days.
7 - I'll have a nap. Maybe my master awake in the meantime.

let your eyes open


  1. really beautiful! I thought the man was dead, and finally they take a walk!

  2. He is dead, dog later too. They take 'the last walk'.

  3. I like this too altought the story is sad...
    but sometimes life is like that.

    I liked very much those strips where are the images of houses and buildings.

    The black and whiteness is awsome here and I like the feeling of "animation".