Monday, April 12, 2010

history of the sun

History of the Sun I've been working on this concrete comics for some time, I've planned to publish it in a week or so. but I had to make some changes, and I'm publishing it now. I dedicate this album to the casualties of the plane catastrophe in smolensk.


  1. this looks especially good fullscreen/ book mode!
    'History of the sun' reads like the portrait of a day.

  2. This is a great album.

    It's very shocking and unbelievable what happend.
    It is just so terrible accident.

  3. There are some nice images there. It looks like I'm not the only person to use found images to make a comic, Check out Sliver

  4. This is really great. I agree with rappel about reading it as a book rather than a scroll. I also found myself reading it as a passage of time, most likely a day. Something about the wonderful dark pages from 22-25 seems like, you know, night.

    I also really like that you are working with the 3x3 nine panel grid page that is a common comicbook form. I like that each page is so thematically linked and its own 3x3 composition of some particular photographed object. There's great tension between the individual panels and the pages taken as a whole.

    I'm wondering if you intend in book form for similar pairs of 3x3 grids to be viewed side by side. In the current format, pairs of rocks, bricks, windows, etc. are separated by a page turn. I can see that as a productive choice, but I'm kind of curious what they would look like next to each other in a two page spread.

    And yes, I am still reeling a bit from the tragedy of the crash. I think it is a good thing to dedicate a work of art to the casualties in that crash.