Thursday, April 22, 2010

4 colours 2 test experiment

Since this is the place for experimental comics here is one:
(Click to enlarge)

I was thinking about irregular panels with or without borders and that each line can be thought of as a tiny moment in the narrative of the comic. To see where this went go here.


  1. The color work is also very engaging. Especially since, in many comics, line work and coloring are usually considered separate things (often done by separate artists in mass produced comics). In addition to playing with frames (absent and present), you are letting certain concepts about comics similarly "bleed" together. I really like that.

    I also like your use of (and the pieces sense of) "narrative." I know the idea of narrative in abstract comics has gotten some attention over at the Abstract Comics blog. I think your work here helps me further grasp the idea of non-discursive narrative.

  2. personally I find its non-chatty simplicity very appealing.

  3. frames, moments, colours... pretty pretty!

  4. Hey Bungy32 - great reading of the work. I love the idea of the line and colour work becoming indistinct, or blended. It is a moment of betweenness. It also relates to a Marxist reading I do of them (in the sense that they are done with Bic pens, which are connected to class, in terms of being the cheapest kind of pen). And I love the term 'non-discursive narrative' - I may well steal that :)

    Great to see some theoretical comments!!!!! Keep 'em coming.

    All the best,
    Dick Whyte

  5. Hello Pszren can you please contact me via email. I can't find your email any where.

  6. Also I forgot to add, great comments on my post thanks Bungy23 and Dick.
    I especially like your comment Bungy about colour. It didn't even occur to me to think of it like that. I also feel like you 'got' my comic.