Friday, January 23, 2015

comics as music notation

allow me to invite you to an anthology, where music is written in the form of (experimental) comics.

comics can be read or watched, but it can also be played. we can also create comics that are especially meant to be played (on various musical instruments). sometimes the words in speech balloons can be sung, the onomatopoeias (sound effects) also give us great opportunities. well, it's obvious that composers often use graphic notation to write music - it would be great to see works where comics are used this way in our anthology.

a quick search of similar works:

edit (some more links):

you are the composer/experimental comic artist, feel free to create your own ways.

the anthology will be a pdf file that you can print. a copy will also be sent to the National Library in Warsaw, Poland.

A4 format, vertical.

deadline: till the end of December 2015.

each author can send as many pages as he or she wishes. please sign each piece - there will be no "Contents" page.

please send the comics (graphic files: gif, png or jpg - not pdf) to as attachments.

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  1. there are some wonderful links here - really enjoyed them. this anthology should be fun....!