Monday, December 13, 2010

future projects

we can see, that the aleatoric comics anthology was a failure. perhaps it was the lack of time, the lack of clarity on what aleatoric comics are, the fact that I didn't plan to send paper copies to the Authors, or the penis - anyway, this project didn't work out well enough. no anthology here.

could we talk about the future projects that you would like to do on this blog? certainly every contributor can post what she or he wants, but from time to time perhaps it's nice to make something together.

- handmade comics
- more analogies with experimental music (like in concrete and aleatoric music)
- neoformalism

anyway, we should prepare better for such projects, I mean the Authors should have perhaps half a year for exploring an idea.

please write your own ideas, and what you think about future projects, if you wish.

all the best,


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