Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two Aleatoric Comics (and their chance protocol)

In some ways, my protocol here blends chance with flarf.  I built these comics with smart phone (iPhone) apps.  My chance protocol was simple: 
  • I grabbed the nearest book next to me.  I opened it at random and dropped my finger onto the page.  I used the resulting word for a Google search.
  • I selected the first four images that came up in an image search of that word.
  • I selected a phrase from the first four site summaries that came up in a web search of the word.
  • I selected a four panel layout in a strip generator and inserted the images and words in the order they came up in the search.
  • My eye really only chose (a) the layout, (b) the abreviated phrase from the site summaries, and (c) the placement of the text in the image.
And this is the result:


In the next variation on this protocol I want to get deeper into the Google searches rather than going with the first four.  So.  I think it is time to pull out the dice.


  1. I think "Examination" is the more successful of the two. I an interested in seeing more of these.

  2. I also thought that flarf could be used here! good work and good explanations!