Tuesday, June 28, 2011



450 pages, minimalistic :). the idea is opposite than in dantian (remember that one?), the frames move, but the nine dots stay still. I wanted to make the animated gif, but well... (the piece looks nice as a slideshow, anyway :) ).

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

comic gardens

comic gardens

click on the picture to see the animation.

Draw, please don't be angry! just in case the animation doesn't work, I will put the piece frame by frame in the next post.

Tree-Blogging project mentioned in ARTNews this month

Back in January, Piotr posted work on the "experimental comics" blog as part of a social media performance/art event ("Tree-Blogging") that I was coordinating with @Platea.  That project is briefly discussed in an article on social media art in ARTNews this month. It's toward the end of the article.

--Bungy (a.k.a. Jonathan Gray)